Pamela Littky’s Look at the World

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Pamela Littky’s photography captures the well-known surprising and vulnerable moments that can be both disarming and intimate. In the same breath, she is using her unique eye to document the less glamorous but equally compelling components of American culture. Littky has released two monographs: Vacancy and The Villa Bonita. Additionally, she and her work have been recognized with awards and honors including the 2016 PDN Selected Image; One Shot: One World Honorable Mentions in 2014 for Kid Cudi, Blue Bus, Steve Martin, and Middle of Nowhere; and Communication Arts Honorable Mention in 2011, to name a few. Littky will be sharing stories with Todd Heughens at APA’s upcoming “An Evening With” series, sponsored by Space for Arts.

What have been your career highlights to date?

The first one that always comes to mind when asked this question is when I photographed Oprah, which I’m sure will probably seem obvious for […]

Travis Keyes: Pursuit of Photography

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After a career in the nightlife and entertainment industry, Travis Keyes forged a new path, finding fulfillment in photography. He has worked with clients such as Sony, Airbnb Plus, the Clinton Foundation, and the Philadelphia 76ers. His commitment to photography goes beyond his in-demand aesthetic. As Chairman of the Board APA/NY- American Photographic Artists, Travis is just as focused on his work behind the scenes to help build the photography community and give back to the industry. SfA was fortunate to hear his stories, advice, and insight.

A self portrait of Travis Keyes

Why is it important to give back to the industry?

As human beings, we thrive on music, art, and culture. When times are dark and questionable, art becomes a very important escape outlet. Like music it has […]

Game Changing Upgrade for |SPACE FOR ARTS|

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Today, June 10th, Space for Arts (SfA) is proud to introduce a significantly enhanced and upgraded SfA marketplace platform.

Our community will first notice a new look, heralding the new build of our marketplace platform. This release of our marketplace platform has greatly improved functionality reflecting what studio owners and creatives have taught us over the last 24 months and mirroring the industry’s established business practices & processes.

Our new look is fresher and crisper communicating our core brand tenants of; Trust, Community and Elegance.

Trust – a reliable tool bringing together vetted studios with established production professionals. A trusted professional tool for global professionals

Community – a devotion to the creative community and giving back to this community; through talks, workshops and colloquia that bring the community together. Promoting the community, informing […]

Victoria Granof: Flavorful Photography

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Victoria Granof is the original food stylist and an artiste extraordinaire. Trained in both the visual arts and classical culinary skills from none other than Le Cordon Bleu, her keen eye for design, color, and texture has created memorable collaborations with some of the world’s best-known photographers, directors, and celebrities. Along with her visual style, she has a way with words and has authored her own cookbooks: Chickpeas and Sweet Sicily.

What makes your job fun?

I get to create and be around food. I also love the collaborative process and working with different creative individuals all the time.

What is your creative process, especially given your love of the collaborative process?

I am a little bit more diverse in what I do than […]

Looking for a Shooting Kitchen in Los Angeles?

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The Space for Arts (SfA) team regularly hears of people struggling to find a shooting kitchen in Los Angeles. Try these that are listed on the SfA platform.

Modern California Kitchen & Dining Space in Venice/MDR $1,350/day

The professional grade kitchen is a favorite for food and drink related photo shoots, culinary videos, or product demos. Top of the line equipment, Viking appliances and Miele coffee/espresso machine with luxury amenities. Natural light during the day makes this an ideal studio for product shoots.

Shooting kitchen

NY Style Natural Light Loft with a Kitchen $2,000/day

Flooded by natural light and towering ceilings this studio includes a highly flexible kitchen. Multiple, changeable countertops add to this kitchen’s […]

Marcel Saba Shares the Agent Perspective

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Photo by (c) Ben Baker

Marcel Saba is the founder of Redux Pictures, an award winning New York based commercial and editorial agency with photographers located around the world. Redux artists have photographed portraits of world leaders, CEOs, politicians, athletes and celebrities. They have documented everything from social issues to global issues.

Regular Redux editorial clients include; Afar, Politico, Fortune, ESPN, The New York Times Magazine, GQ, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, National Geographic, Stern, Paris Match, New York Magazine, Bloomberg, CNN, Reader’s Digest, Time Magazine, People, Rolling Stone & AARP to name a few.

Marcel has served as both President and board member for the Eugene Smith Foundation. He has also served as a faculty member of the International Center of Photography. Recently, he joined the Space for […]

Ellie Pritts: Colorful Collaboration

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Photo of Ellie Pritts by Sela Shiloni

Ellie Pritts’ imaginative perspective and polychromatic aesthetic is a powerful artistic expression that deserves and has garnered marvel and attention. Her online presence has equally captivated a multitude of audiences not only through her own Instagram account @elliepritts, but also through the world’s first collaborative photography app, Hippo, which she founded in 2016 before moving on to help launch Apple’s official Instagram account, @apple. She recently joined the Space for Arts team.

What are your favorite stories across your career?

As a photographer, I have shot a lot of musicians and continue to work with many of them, some whom are famous and some who are not. One of my favorite memories was when I was working for the […]

Karen Frank: Talking Body with ESPN Director of Photography

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Color head shot of Karen Frank
Karen Frank, Director of Photography, ESPN

Karen Frank is ESPN The Magazine’s Director of Photography and the driving force behind the annual Body Issue. Space for Arts was lucky to host Karen Frank in Berlin for a Women in Photography event, and is even more fortunate to discuss her career, the industry, and inspirations with her once again.

Karen Frank kisses a unicorn
Photographer: Chris Buck

What have been the defining moments of your career?

I started my career as a photo editor at GQ. It was an amazing experience to start there at a time when print was golden – magazines were fat with advertisements, there was a huge budget for photography and we made photo assignments even for the smallest photo that would run in […]