Covid-19 Risk Assessment & Useful Camera Analogy

We spoke with Dr. David Davenport, a specialist in infectious disease and clinical associate professor at the Western Michigan University School of Medicine on Aug 11, 2020 about coronavirus and the impact on our industry.  Back in April we chatted with Dr. Davenport about the new work environment we were going to be facing in photo and video production.

Now that we are facing that work environment and getting back on set, he updated us on what we’ve learned about COVID-19 since we last spoke and what new best practices we can implement.  You can listen to the Zoom call in its entirety here.  You can also watch short clips from our call answering many of your questions on our YouTube channel.

We wanted to draw your attention to Dr. Davenport’s useful “camera analogy” for […]

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Safety Protocols for “Socially Distanced” Photo/Video Productions

As we begin to re-engage in non-essential work, including film and photo shoots, over the next 12-18 months (before there is rapid testing or a vaccine available), we will need to take special precautions to ensure the safety of our crews, as well as taking into account greater public health concerns.

There is no 100% safe way to begin production with more than one person present, but there is a wide spectrum of riskier vs. safer productions, and well-organized productions that follow medically advised safety protocols will be safer than those that aren’t.

Let’s be careful as a community and look out for groups that are trying to rush back to work without the proper safety protocols, and let’s arm ourselves with the best information available to be able to assess the risk of individual shoots, and display situational awareness on set to protect ourselves, and our colleagues. If you […]

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