The world needs creativity, now more than ever. 

Whether you’re a studio owner, a creative, or in production, we recognize how difficult this time is for you.  When the time is right, we will be here as your trusted resource, ready to help you do what you do best. Stay safe, the future needs your ideas. 



To our Space for Arts Community,

Now, more than ever, we’re thinking of you. Whether you’re a creative, work in production, or are a studio owner, Covid-19 has affected our entire industry. While the ability to collaborate and execute is severely constrained, we know your vision and creative ideas are not.

We recognize that your inbox is likely flooded with messages from every brand, product, or company you’ve interacted with over the years about Covid-19. For our community, the uncertainty is particularly difficult. We are with you. We have been in this business in different capacities for a long time and know that the production industry is stronger than this. When it is safe, we will be back to work and refreshed.

We are here for you as we all sort through the uncertainty and see what the next phase of work looks like. Whether you want to start smaller and shoot locally, have some crew members participate remotely, or ensure your studio spaces are equipped with tools you need to stay safe, we are here to help and be your trusted resource.

Stay safe, stay strong. We can’t wait to see what you create.

In solidarity,

Space for Arts