SfA is pleased to announce that Ellie Pritts has been named Director of Digital Marketing.  Recently, she chatted with us about joining SfA and her journey from photography to digital marketing.

You’ve been involved with SfA for about a year now, what has drawn you to a more formal and involved role?
It really comes down to two things: passion and company culture. As a photographer and production professional, I am innately passionate about the many ways Space for Arts seeks to improve the studio booking process. The need for a comprehensive solution is definitely there, and I truly believe in Space for Arts’ ability to revolutionize that part of our industry. But perhaps more importantly, the company culture can’t be beat! Betsy and Van are not only hard working and intelligent, they are incredibly compassionate and transparent. I value these qualities very highly in myself, and I felt an immediate connection and trust with Betsy and Van and the rest of the team. I’m very proud of the work we’ve done together thus far; from a marketing perspective SfA is a perfect case study in the tremendous power of social media marketing for a brand. I couldn’t be more excited and honored to be taking on a more formal and involved role!

Can you talk about your journey from being a creative, a photographer, to a digital marketer?

What a journey indeed! To me it all feels like a natural progression. I began my photography career when I was 19 and became an early adopter of Instagram. After a few years I started to see the increasing importance of my presence on social media and began getting photography gigs from it directly. I saw the need for my clients to have more of a presence as well. It always felt like second nature to me and I’ve always loved helping people/brands improve their presence online. So, I began doing more and more work managing Instagram accounts and producing content for social, all the while continuing to work as a photographer and director. After I worked on the launch of @apple, my side hustle of social media marketing had fully bloomed into what is now a full-fledged agency that I launched last year, Supermassive Social. My journey started with seeing the positive impact of Instagram as a creative, firsthand. Ever since then I’ve been on a mission to help as many people as I can achieve their own success on social.

What is your view of SfA’s role in the creative community?

I see Space for Arts as a game changer for the creative community. I see them revolutionizing the booking process in the same manner that Airbnb revolutionized hospitality and travel. I also see them continuing to create community, because that’s at the core of their brand. Space for Arts is not just a booking platform, it’s a support system for creatives everywhere. SfA produces dozens of incredible events for our community every year that give us a chance to learn from each other and connect in real life. Those opportunities and experiences are priceless.