Recently, Space for Arts co-Founder Elizabeth Davison chatted with Traci Terrick owner of Poppy Creative Agency and a co-Founder of Focus on Women.


Focus on Women is an organization that Space for Arts supports and with which it collaborates. Focus on Women is on a mission to elevate and promote women in the photography and videography industry, from PA’s to Producers, Photographers, Directors, Art Directors and Photo Agents, giving them all a seat at the table. Helping to expand their community by providing the resources to connect with other like-minded organizations, attend networking and workshop events, find a mentor or volunteer to be a mentor and eventually, being able to create a directory that will let women hire all female crews.


Have a listen and make sure to check out some terrific conversations happening here as Traci talks about the mission behind Focus on Women and to hear the different and amazing journeys of all kinds of women creatives — producers, stylists, photographers, directors and more.