Berlin Inspiration: The LUX & ASA Story

In October the Space for Arts team spent the better part of a week in Berlin introducing SfA to the local market.  During the course of the team’s stay a number of studios were visited. The team was fascinated by the story of Lux & Asa,in the Lichtenberg neighborhood of Berlin, as told to them by co-founder Jan Kraus.

“We opened our doors in March 2016 after Max and I spent a year renovating and rehabbing the space.   We were a bit naïve about how much work itwould take to renovate 3,250 square feet of space in an industrial warehouse,creating a photo/film studio from scratch. I guess it was good that we just started working without thinking too much about the challenge we were facing. Without the help of friends and family and most importantly, Bruno, we would not have been able to create the […]